1. Accolade

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      Ace Of Aces (Publisher)
      Altered Destiny (Publisher)
      Apollo 18: Mission To The Moon (Publisher)
      Balance Of The Planet (Publisher)
      Blue Angels: Formation Flight Simulation (Publisher)
      Bubble Ghost (Publisher)
      Cycles, The (Publisher)
      Day Of The Viper (Publisher)
      Don't Go Alone (Publisher)
      Elvira II: The Jaws Of Cerberus (Publisher)
      Elvira (Publisher)
      Eric The Unready (Distributer)
      Grand Prix Circuit (Publisher)
      Gunboat: River Combat Simulation (Publisher)
      Hardball 5 (Publisher)
      Hardball 6 (Publisher)
      Hardball '94 (Publisher)
      Hardball III (Publisher)
      Hardball II (Publisher)
      Hardball! (Publisher)
      Heat Wave (Publisher)
      Killed Until Dead (Publisher)
      MEAN 18 (Publisher)
      Mini-Putt (Publisher)
      Pinball Wizard (Publisher)
      Power At Sea (Publisher)
      Power! (Publisher)
      Search For The King (Publisher)
      Star Control 3 (Publisher)
      Star Control Collection (Publisher)
      Star Control II (Publisher)
      Star Control (Publisher)
      Stealth ATF (Publisher)
      Steel Thunder (Publisher)
      Stratego (Publisher)
      Test Drive 4 (Publisher)
      Test Drive 5 (Publisher)
      Test Drive II: The Duel (Publisher)
      Test Drive III: The Passion (Publisher)
      Test Drive (Publisher)
      Third Courier, The (Publisher)
      Waxworks (Publisher)