1. Apogee

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      Adventure Fun-Pak (Publisher)
      Alien Carnage (Publisher)
      Beyond The Titanic (Publisher)
      Biomenace (Publisher)
      Caverns Of Kroz (Publisher)
      Caves Of Thor (Publisher)
      Commander Keen: Invasion Of The Vorticons (Publisher)
      Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure (Publisher)
      Duke Nukem (Developer)
      Dungeons Of Kroz (Publisher)
      Kingdom Of Kroz (Publisher)
      Major Stryker (Publisher)
      Math Rescue (Developer)
      Monster Bash II (Publisher)
      Monster Bash (Developer)
      Mystic Towers (Developer)
      Puzzle Fun-Pak (Publisher)
      Raptor: Call of the Shadows (Publisher)
      Rise Of The Triad: Dark War (Developer)
      Rise Of The Triad: The Hunt Begins (Publisher)
      ROTT Goodies Pack (Developer)
      Stargunner (Publisher)
      Supernova (Publisher)
      Trivia Whiz (Publisher)
      Wacky Wheels (Publisher)
      Wolfenstein 3-D (Publisher)
      Word Rescue (Developer)
      Word Whiz (Publisher)
      Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport (Publisher)