1. Data East USA


      A subsidiary of Data East of Japan. Acquired by G-Mode in 2004.


      ABC Monday Night Football '98 (Publisher)
      ABC Monday Night Football (Publisher)
      Bad Dudes (Publisher)
      Battle Chess (NES) (Publisher)
      Cosmic Relief (Publisher)
      Data East Arcade Classics (Publisher)
      Draconian: Drakkhen (Publisher)
      Full Metal Planet (Publisher)
      Guerrilla War (Publisher)
      Heavy Barrel (Publisher)
      IKari Warriors (Arcade) (Publisher)
      IKari Warriors (Publisher)
      Karnov (Arcade) (Publisher)
      Karnov (Publisher)
      Kid Niki (Publisher)
      Lock N Chase (Publisher)
      Napoleon in Russia - Borodino 1812 (Publisher)
      North & South (Publisher)
      Robocop (Publisher)
      Shadowrun (Developer)
      TNK III (Publisher)

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